Food Producing Prairie Plants

Prairie areas within the UK often feature cooler climates with little rainfall. These wide expanses of grassland provide opportunities for farmers, as long as the right plants are chosen. A plant which produces food and primarily grows in prairie conditions might flourish in areas which receive some rainfall, and plenty of sunlight. In other areas of the world, prairies offer excellent opportunities for people to grow their own food as well. Most of the plants which produce food are either vegetables, grains, and fruits. Here are some of the top choices of plants that people choose to grow in prairie locations.

Vegetables are a main staple to most peoples’ diets, and one of the best choices for growing in these conditions is the asparagus plant. Asparagus is a perennial vegetable which is popular because it provides an early harvest in spring each year. It is rich in both B and C vitamins, as well as iron and calcium. Another great vegetable choice for prairies is called bloody dock. This is a type of leaf which is grown for salads, and many people believe that it has anti-cancer properties. Welsh onions are also popular, as they are hardy plants to grow. They are excellent for stews and soups.

Fruits are another important part of the prairie farmer’s choices. Apples and pears are highly popular options. Apple trees can produce hundreds of apples in a season, and some farmers have started to cross-pollinate them to produce even better tasting varieties. Prairie sweet pears are highly prized for their sweet taste and hardiness in more difficult climates. Sweet and even sour cherries do quite well in this environment as well. Some cherry varieties grow close to the ground as shrubs, while others are produced on larger trees. The cherry harvest is one of the most exciting times for a successful grower.

Grapes provide plenty of opportunities for smart growers. First of all, grapes are a highly popular fruit throughout the world. They are hardy, and they grow in vines along fence posts and ropes. Secondly, prairie grape farmers might see success in the wine industry. Those who are able to produce unique grape varieties might be able to start a successful wine business. Grapes come in wide varieties, as some are smaller and dark, while others are the larger, and more common, green grapes. When it comes to prairie plants which produce food, there are many different great options to choose from.